The time has come, yet we may not see,

For the rise of self, sustainability.

The dream has faded, the one we were fed,

Where good intentions, got us ahead.

Busting ass, to make a buck,

To pay our bills, to drink, to fuck.

Somewhere far, is the shining light,

That makes today's pain seem alright.

But heed the warmth upon you back,

There's a light behind, we should react.

A life we left so long ago,

When people paused, and things went slow.

When homes were built, and not for rent,

When food was grown, as it was meant.

When neighbors shared a cup of tea,

And always helped, those in need.

A paradise, that we have lost,

We've traded it for condo lofts.

God is dead, as Kanye mightens,

Are we really, that enlightened?

I ask of you, to look inside,

At the rules of life, that you abide.

Do you enjoy it? Is it fair?

Or are you simply unaware?

Of the injustice of mankind,

To be chained up, in concrete binds.

There's a world out there, for you to see.

The great Canadian, back-country.

It can feed you, and keep you warm.

If you are willing, to be reborn.

And embrace the skills, that we have lost.

For little time, and little cost.

I hope you join me, that one day,

When I unplug, from everyday.

And make that move, and go up north,

And turn around, and then walk forth.

We cannot do it, just alone,

Can't exclude; need everyone.

A community of forest heroes,

Welcome all, to Ground Zero.

- Deidter "the Soldier" Stadnyk

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