This Apocalyptic super-food is extremely easy to source, make, maintain, and healthy to consume. By fermenting cabbage, we increase it’s nutritional value while also extending its shelf life. This stuff is loaded with:

vit-B (needed for stressful, sleep-deprived adventures)

vit-K (aids in blood and organ tissue repair after you get your ass whopped by zombies... possible cure for bites)

vit-C (needed for EVERYTHING your body does)

Also, tonnes of antioxidants, fibre and bioactive enzymes (same bacteria as in yogurt). Great detoxifier and can teat stomach ulcers and canker sores.


- Clean mason/canning jars

- Paper towel

- Large mixing bowl


- Cabbage (1 head makes 3 x 500mL jars)

- Salt (No time to scavenge for pickling or kosher salt in the apocalypse. Sea and Iodized table salt works just fine)


- Thinly slice the cabbage and toss it all in the large mixing bowel. Leave a couple large outer leaves intact for later.

- Sprinkle 5-8 heaping table spoons of salt onto the shredded cabbage and mixed it up. Let is sit for 10-20 min. You’ll notice the cabbage start to wilt and ooze water. That’s what you want.

- Pack the cabbage into the jars tightly by firmly pressing down after every handful. Leave 3-4cm headspace in the jar.

- Rip a part of the leftover outer leaf of cabbage and press it down on top of the salted+shredded cabbage. Make sure that the shredded stuff is completely submerged in the cabbage juice. If not, add a bit of water.

- Use the ring portion of the jar lid to secure a square of paper towel over the jar. You want your sauerkraut to breathe but you don’t want bugs or dust getting in.

- The cabbage should turn a translucent yellowy-white in 3-7 days. That’s sauerkraut.


- If mold grows on the top leaf you packed in, simply toss it and skim any other scummy or moldy bits from the top. None of this mold is harmful and you wont die. Eat up.

- When it tastes good and ready, I like to give the sauerkraut a quick water bath to wash away a bit of the sodium. Then pack it back into the jar, seal it with the metal lid and store it in the fridge. Should last 8-12 months.

- Don’t cook it! Eat it raw, right out of the jar. Heat will kill all the good bacteria and denature the vit-C, so you might as well eat dirt.

- Dominic "The Butcher" Etynkowski

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