Buggin’ Out with the Soldier

Updated: Oct 9, 2017

Here are some of the cold truths of the zombie apocalypse:

1.) Cities are deathtraps

2.) Cars run out of gas

3.) Gas stations run out of gas

4.) The biggest, baddest castle can still go hungry

You add these all up together and...son-of-agun, you’re on the run! Looks like you’ve got no choice but to bug out!

Bug-out: To move away from your current location very quickly because your position has been compromised by the enemy.(urbandictionary.com

Now you don’t need to be a mathemagician to figure out that crossing large distances on foot can suck a big duck if you’re not prepared for it. I did 50km in 2 days and trust me, it sucked a few ducks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to turn this article into a duck-measuring contest. I’m here to give you tips that will save your life when you find yourself out of luck, gas, and pasta primavera. 

Having dabbled in the Infantry, I’ve put a few kilometers under my backpack-laden self over the years and let me tell you, when you decide to walk out that door with a heavy load on your back, (hopefully you got his number... zing!) you have better be prepared for what lies ahead. Bugging-out with damaged feet and too little (or too much) gear is the ultimate walk of shame.

So listen up Lucy, because the Soldier is going to spill the beans on the do’s and don’t’s of buggin’ out with my weekly Bug Out Tips. Then I will scoop up those beans, because that is a valuable resource on the road.

In fact, that leads me to Bug Out Tip #1... pack your beans in a sealed container.

Soldier, out.

- Deidter "The Soldier" Stadnyk

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