The Hunter's Watery Grave - Part 1

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

In my short life, I’ve had more than a few servings of near-death experiences.

One day, my good friend Andrew came over to my house in search of adventure. We decided that we would canoe down the nearby river that I had done several times before. So we strapped the canoe on top of the family van. We headed up river and launched from a local conservation area.

By that’s time, the wind picked up and was clocking in at 60 km/h. Andrew and I loaded in the canoe with our paddles, (wearing our) life jackets and a bag for our cell phones and wallets. We pushed off and the strong current zipped us down river. Easy. The water gave off a chilling breeze. It’s early April. I could only imagine what the water temperature was. The water was moving a little bit faster than usual from all the melting snow.

As we wound down the river, Andrew joked, “Imagine we found a body.” I replied, “Imagine it was two bodies.” The morbidity did not let up. Andrew continued, “What if they were wearing our clothes and our life jackets?” Then, as if we had angered the river Gods, a huge gust of wind came directly up river towards us. So strong you could see the wind dance across the rushing water. In an instant, our canoe had turned sideways. Before we knew what was going on, I was completely submerged being carried downstream by the raging flood waters . . . . . (to be continued)

- Connor "The Hunter" Somerville

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