The ZSC Ethos

Updated: Oct 9, 2017

Having a set of guiding principles when dealing with the topic of the zombie apocalypse might seem a bit superfluous. Often, people assume because our goal is survival that we must remain callous or even feral to truly persevere.

This assumes that we are going to be thrown into some “state of nature” and must fight tooth and claw to overcome each other for scraps left behind by the former societal leviathan. The Walking Dead and even the daily news frames survival all in this dire and desperate manner.

For most in this community reading this blog, this desperation won’t happen. We are better than this because we have taken the time to prepare together both physically and mentally for just about anything. The solid foundation of Zombie Survival Camp preparations rests firmly upon our ethos. It is the character with which we approach the challenge of the zombie apocalypse and quite frankly, life in general.

Zombie Survival Camp's ethos is ADAPTABILITY, SUSTAINABILITY and COMMUNITY. This spirit has guided ZSC in everything from the creation of our lessons to the way we operate the business. Using this foundation we should be collectively ready for anything, build rather than cower, and enjoy ourselves in the process.

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