Think, Eat, be Merry.

Updated: Dec 9, 2017

Brains are all we’ve got. Well, at least when it comes to zombies. More specifically, they are all we can rely upon to survive that anticipated zombie outbreak. Too often it seems as though our zombie survival daydreams (or plans, depending how deep you’ve gone) are fraught with cathartic hacking, slashing and shooting.

While it will likely come to that when the Zed make their appearance, the focus of your mental preparations should not be on killing, but instead on living. Plan how to eat, how to stay warm, how to evade and your odds of living go up dramatically. Prepare only for battle and in a day or two you’ll find yourself drinking water you shouldn’t have and potentially suffering a less dignified Jurassic Park lawyer death. Zombies, slow or fast, lack one key element that you should have (at least relatively) in spades: intellect.

We can plan and cooperate. Why dull your perfectly lovely katana while fighting a horde when you can lure them off a well placed cliff in a buffalo run? We can use the weaknesses of our enemies against them, in no small part because we can have this discussion. So, let us continue. Let’s talk and plan, debate and cooperate. Let’s be ready to out-live the undead and at the time and place of our choosing, enjoying smashing the bloody hell out of them.

- Eric "The Strategist" Somerville

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